Sequels and Remakes?

Sequels and Remakes?

I’ve always had a problem with remakes of movies. I am a fan of movies so I love watching the old black and white movies. This is the way to really enjoy movies and the process of making movies. The recent remaking of old movies just doesn’t sit right with me. I would rather have this generation watch old movies and see how movies have changed since then. If a movie is remade they might not ever want to see the original again. Some old movies are really bad and might be a better movie now if remade with all the special effects. But I would rather watch a new movie with a fresh story. I would rather know there are creative people making movies. I watch a lot of B movies and love them for their creativity and low budget special effects.I actually wrote about this before here.

TDavid from says:

Just when I think the sequel train is slowing (it will never stop), Jurassic Park 4 violates the radar. What is Spielberg thinking? OK, I’m sort of interested in Indiana Jones 4, but at the present time have 0.000000001% interest in Jurassic Park 4.

Sequels I don’t have a lot of problems with. Some movies I actually would love to see a sequel so I can follow the characters experiences. “Harry Potter” and “Star Wars” are a good example of a sequels I enjoy. Each one of those sequels were different and had a refreshing story. There are some sequels who come out just because the first movie was popular. Other sequels are franchises like “Friday the 13th” or “Halloween”, which I loved watching. “Jurassic Park 4” could be a fun movie but I would rather see a fresh new dinosaur movie. There must be other writers that can write about a whole new story about dinosaurs. I’d rather see a movie that I don’t know anything about instead of something that continues a story I knew about. So Stop with the remakes and only make sequels for a good story.

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