Hollywood stop with the remakes

Hollywood stop with the remakes

I am quite tired of hearing about all the remakes coming out. Leave the original films as is, please!! Especially “Willy Wonka”. That movie is fantastic as is. Doesn’t need to be remade as “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. My nieces and nephews still love that movie. Why remake it? If it was in black and white then it might be OK to remake a movie. But what is wrong with the original? Just because Johnny Depp wants to make it? Or what? I don’t understand. I still liked the originals of the remade movies I have seen.

I heard they are going to remake “The Fog” also. I did show my nephew this movie and he just laughed. A remake might make it scarier for the current generation, But Why remake something when you can retell a new story? So many books are out now which would make great movies. There is always someone with a new look on a subject. Don’t keep going back to what worked in the past hoping it will work now. The first “Amityville Horror” is so much superior to the new one. I can deal with sequels but still would rather have fresh new stories to watch.

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  1. Ann says:

    Yeah the remakes are starting to drive me batty too.. But I disagree with you on the one particular remake, Willy Wonka. I do like the original alot, but at the same time, I want to see to see how an updated version of this movie would like. What is your take on old tv shows being made into movies (i.e. Bewitched, Dukes of Hazzard)? Some of these seem like they’ll be good, like bewitched, and some of which I wish they never touched, Starsky and Hutch.

    • John says:

      I’m guessing the updated remake of willy wonka would be closer to the book which I haven’t read. But I still think it would be better to make movies which are fresh and new. Would make me consider watching a movie again. The same goes for TV shows. They are meant to be on tv and be history. Let us remember the good times and not tarnish a great tv show with a movie. Don’t want to see an “I love Lucy” movie. The old shows are great as is. The new generation will have their favorite tv shows and some will still like the old ones. Fresh new ideas is what make people want to see a movie. Bringing up old shows and movies just brings in fans mostly.

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