Star Wars is coming!

Star Wars is coming!

I hear so much talk about the new star wars movie coming out. For me I was very excited over the first two star wars and now I feel lukewarm about it. I am not a Hollywood fan because of the high prices to go see a movie now. Also all the famous actors ask for tons of money. Then they come out and tell us what we should believe in and if we don’t then we’re stupid. They don’t live our lives anymore so I don’t really care what they say. The commercials that say we shouldn’t be downloading movies because the camera operators and others won’t get their money. I think the big companies in hollywood and actors should give those operators more money instead of taking so much. I don’t waste my money going to a theater anymore. I’d rather rent dvds and watch those when it comes out. I rent more independent dvds over the big budget movies. Lot of democrats talk about how bad big business is but they seem to forget about hollywood as a big business also. That is due to all the money hollywood pays to the politicians.

Now to get back to Star Wars. I probably will watch it in a theater cause I do love the first 3 movies. It will be exciting to see the movie before the first star wars that came out many years ago. I’ll probably rent the dvd when it comes out too so I can see the added features. To end my thoughts on this issue. I would rather see the Real heroes, Teachers, Firemen, Doctors, and Policemen make more money than any actor. Actors and athletes should not be making more than the people who actually save lives and develop our children.

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  1. Ann says:

    Star Wars has come I actually found some time to see it. Out of the 3 movies, it is probably the best. Given that, I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the other 2 movies. I do want to see it again, but this time in digital. But with the prices of movie tickets these days, I’m not sure if I really want to support these outrageous prices for tickets. I mean, its like over $7 for a matinee. I think thats in sane! And doesn’t even include what you would buy at the consession stands. I agree with you that I would rather rent/buy DVDs instead of paying the high ticket prices at the theater.

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