Independent movies

Independent movies

With all the news about the MPAA ad RIAA actions against people I really glad that I watch lot more independent movies than the big budget hollywood movies. Movies can be made for a lot less. The big star actors can be paid a lot less and maybe give back to the actors who are just as good as they are but don’t have the star power. I think it’s been two or three years since I stepped into a theater. Way too expensive to watch a movie now. If i want to see a movie I’ll go to the big stadium seats which cost more but I get a better experience.

I’ll keep renting my movies and give my money to the film makers who actually love making movies and not making money. Not saying making money is bad but when someone can make a good movie for thousands of dollars rather than millions of dollars. I call that wasting money. Most of the big budget movies don’t have good stories or characters. Spending money just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Many low budget films can do just as great as a big budget movie and sometimes even better. Well when the hollywood people go back to their roots maybe I’ll be more willing to give them my money.

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